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Real World K-9LLC


Our Trainers:  Christian Losiewski is the Owner and operator of Real World K9 LLC, and has been training since 2010. He has sold police dogs to numerous police departments, and has worked dogs for military and specialized units in the military. He has been a K-9 police officer for 5 years working with Cimarron County Sheriff's Office as well as Dale Police Department. Christian has earned the rank of Sargent working along side the Drug Task Force and Swat team. . He has worked with K-9 Paris and K-9 Tripp.  Christian previously provided in service training for the second largest K-9 Unit in the state as well as other departments around his local area. He has worked with over 50 Department K-9 units for training, and multiple military K-9 units. Christian's philosophy on scientific based training paired with marker, free shaping and luring all make him a well balanced trainer. Christian has worked with Gray wolves and other zoo animals on a training platform.


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