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Police K-9 Tripp (BRN 29582), a Netherlands import, is a certified dual purpose police dog through A.W.D.A. and has been on the streets since 2015. He started his career working as a police dog in Germany before being purchased and sold to America to be a police dog in Vancouver WA. He had an excellent career in Vancouver recovering several large drug and money busts. Tripp apprehended 11 suspects during his time in Washington including one high profile case where he was sent across I-5 to bite a suspect who battered a state trooper (link will be below). Tripp's first department realized that Tripp was a little too much dog for the set of handlers they had and decided he would best fit in a setting where someone who trained police dogs could handle him. I got the call from a special military K-9 unit who told me that they have seen this dog and he would be in their kennels if he wasn't on narcotics, but would excel in the department I was with at the time. Tripp then flew out to Oklahoma and worked on the Cimarron County Sheriff's Office and assisted Many times in S.W.A.T. operations and criminal interdiction specific units. Tripp had 2 money busts over $35,000 in the first two weeks of being at this department and numerous 10+ pound drug busts. Tripp and I then moved back closer to home where we served in Indiana, and Tripp continued to do excellent work keeping the people safe and finding illegal contraband. 

Tripp is one of the hardest working dogs I've ever met, he is extreme in his drives and has A-1 Nerves. He reproduces very clear headed high drive dogs that are very strong nerved and like to hunt for toys. Tripp has puppies with Military and police departments as well as many sport and personal protection homes. 

Hips HD-A

Elbows Good

Spine Good


Frozen semen is available, inquire for current Stud fee price.


Tripp is featured as Dog #1 in The book "Top 100 Malinois and Herders"

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